Devan- Youngest of many siblings of royalty; a prince of Serden.

Rojyn- Young individual of considerable power. An adept mage and second-in-command of Aventyr.

Nadir/Frios/Aki/Haru- An individual of many names from Tenchimori.

Kimina- Engineer of Aventyr from Angilak

Welmer- Soldier of Aventyr from Angilak.

Bahkis- Leader of Aventyr.

Liana- A young, adept mage and apprentice of Rojyn.

Mena- Leader of Serden. Devan's eldest sister.

Jevick- Second-in-command of Serden. Devan's elder brother.

Isalyn- Serden advisor. Older sister of Devan.

Ikkuma- Leader of Angilak.

Noriko- Leader of the Tora faction in Tenchimori.

Midori- Leader of the Shika faction in Tenchimori.

Rahkja- Former mentor of Rojyn. Deceased.

Jyx- Leader of the Novatos.

Zaras- Leader of Archaelum.



Aventyr- A neutral city-state and trading hub.

Serden- An industrial nation on a smaller continent to the west of Aventyr.

Angilak- An inuit nation on the northern polar continent.

Tenchimori (Shika and Tora)- A divided forest nation to the east of Aventyr.

The Novatos- A band of devas under the leadership of Jyx.

Archaelum- A collection of isolationist sky cities. Formerly reigned over the world before "day zero".

Archaia- What is referred to as the society that existed before "day zero".




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