What is Devan's Devas?

Devan's Devas is an original fantasy story written, drawn and composed entirely by myself. The plot of the story is mostly written as it progresses, however I do have specific story arcs, goals, and endings already planned out. The journey to those goals will play itself out naturally as the characters allow them.

The story does not take place in any other specific fantasy setting. All characters and settings are entirely unique to this story. Many elements from other fantasy stories (magic, dragons, etc) will certainly bleed into this one, but only if I have a good reason to allow it.


At what time is it updated exactly?

While the official schedule is Mondays and Fridays, I typically update from between 6:00pm to 9:00pm of every Sunday, and Thursday night on Pacific Coast Time; specifically so you're guarenteed to see a new page if you check in on those official days (if you're in a North American time-zone or equivalent, that is).

I don't have an automatic updater system in place, so it's never quite exactly at that time. It might often get updated an hour or two earlier depending on my schedule.


Levels of violence and language?

There will be no censorship of any kind, but I have no intentions of drawing anything deeply disturbing or grotesque unless I have a very good reason to do so. Expect there to be blood, death, mild language, alcohol, and maybe partial nudity if I feel like it, roughly PG-13 or rated T for teen if I had to make my own judgment call.


How are your pages created?

All of them are sketched with pencil and then inked in by hand with an ordinary caligraphy pen. They are then scanned/fixed up/and colored in via Photoshop and tablet.

Lettering and text bubbles are done through illustrator for the most part.

The typeface I use is called Digital Strip, a free typeface courtesy of Blambot.com.


What is a "Deva"?

For starters, here's a wiki link for the origins of the word, though naturally there are many other variations of the meaning.

As for the context of my story, for the most part they are beings that have passed on and have been granted (or have managed to grant themselves) re-entry to the mortal universe as a divine being.


What are your inspirations?

Some of my biggest influences actually come from videogames; mostly from a number of classic Japanese role playing series and others that I grew up with, like Xenogears, Suikoden, Persona, Final Fantasy, Baldur's Gate etc.

From an artistic perspective, two of the games that I aspire to emulate the most are Okami and Valkyria Chronicles. They both have a dedication to bright, vivid colors and a painterly style that I can't help but love.

A lot of my artistic and writing sensibilities also comes from my experience in the field of Graphic Design. The site and the story itself wouldn't look half as decent had I not been given professional instruction on the matter.


Who and what are you exactly?

My name is Douglas B. Loeffler and I have a bachelors in Graphic Design. I go by the alias, "Draxyle" on a number of forums and other online things.

My main goal is to make good comics/stories and to entertain others, and with your support I hope to succeed in that!


Copyright 2017 © Douglas B. Loeffler