Note- There are no main story spoilers here. All details concern events that have unfolded before the real story begins.



The Short Version-

A devastating cataclysm dethrones an oppressive regime of their control over the entire planet. In the wake of that destruction, many factions are born from the survivors to decide the fate of the world.


The Long Version-

While this is a story about Devan and his companions' adventures and tribulations, we have to begin roughly a hundred years or so before the “present day” of Devan's world.

Back then, an entity known as Archaelum ruled the entire world. Though that’s only partially accurate, they were the world. The name Archaelum had no meaning yet.

Confused yet? Good.

Ruled by an individual by the name of Zaras, they were an advanced society of ever present control and balance; omniscient and omnipotent in nearly every way.

And of course with such a society, one would expect a rebelling force to appear. Enter Jyx to the stage, a man of great charisma and power who sought to wrest control from Zaras and bring liberty to all people.

By unknown means (at this time), Jyx and his followers brought about a great cataclysm to the world, destroying nearly all of civilization. This event created need for intervention from the Devas, celestial beings, to exact justice upon those that would cause such colossal harm to existence on the prime plane (depicted on page sixty-one).

Following the chaos of the cataclysm began the warring states period. All the survivors of the cataclysm began to fight amongst one another, vying for control in the ensuing political vacuum while also trying to prevent Zaras from reclaiming dominance over the world.

Eventually, the people won their freedom. Zaras and those who clung to the old world were forced to take their civilization up into the clouds to preserve their way of life. This is when they received the name Archaelum, “ruler of the skies”.

On the ground, the people coalesced into three large factions; Serden, a monarchy on a giant, dry, island continent to the west; Tenshimori, a collective of various clans in the heavily wooded continent to the east; and Uts kal-li, a tribal nation to the desert south. Two smaller, independent nations include Angilak, a fishing commune on the northern pole; and Aventyr, a trade-hub directly in the center of it all (a partial map is seen on page twenty-two. The Cataclysm took place on the opposite end of the globe).

Fast forward to the present day, the various factions live in an unpleasant peace with one another, though they all fear the ever-present Archaelum cities that constantly orbit overhead. One such faction, Serden, seeks to unite all of the ground factions to wage war against Archaelum and bring about a final end upon them.

Enter the star of the tale, Devan, a young prince of Serden who has been sent as an ambassador to the city-state, Aventyr, to collect them into Serden's ranks. This is where it all begins.




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